Marcella Harte

Marcella Harte (Conlon) has been fascinated with art and illustration since childhood. She earned a bachelor of fine arts at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. Her cover art of Gamera for the All-Out Monster Revolt Online Magazine showcases her talents in the monstrous and fantastic.

her publishing credits also include the anthology The Stories in Between by Fantasist Press, a collection of science fiction and fantasy stories published in 2009. The themes that run deepest in her work include fantasy and science fiction, with special affinity for old folk tales and the supernatural.

She currently lives in northern Delaware, positioned nicely between Baltimore and Philadelphia, with her loving husband and mounting piles of books, paintings, and sketches.

Clients Include

Between Books
Claymont, DE
Devon, PA
All-Out Monster Revolt
Wilmington, DE
Cat & Mouse Press
Lewes, DE