Fourth of July & Monster Revolt

Hello and happy Fourth of July! Or since it’s now the day after… Happy Fourth of July weekend!

I hope that everyone has been having a great holiday! And that it’s been filled with lots of great barbeque, outdoor fun, fireworks, and of course – time spent with friends and family!

A patriotic doodle or three might climb onto the pages of my sketchbook this week… But, until then I hope that you’ll enjoy this weeks’ feature sketchbook page!

A menagerie of snapping turtles is helping me to prepare for my contribution to “All-Out Monster Revolt Magazine”! It’s a spine-tingling new project that aims, ‘to put the ‘pulp’ back into the giant monster genre’. If you love atomic age monsters, then check out the project on The project director, Justynn Tyme, really knows his monsters and is doing an amazing job! Also, don’t forget to keep an eye open for their fall issue! My illustrated homage to Gamera will be on the cover!

Snapping Turtle IMG

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